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Lindsay {bridals}

What can I say about Lindsay except that she is just gorgeous :D She is such a sweetheart with fabulous style. I love her red hair. At the end of the shoot we tried a completely in the dark shot in SUPER windy conditions…didn’t work out so well, but got a few fun shots! Thanks to her mom and good friends that came to help!

lindsay burnett bridal preview

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Kassi {bridals}

I posted these on Facebook but forgot to do it on the blog after Kassi was married! I love her dress that her grandma made her. The funny story behind these pictures is that the skirt wasn’t done yet, so there are hundreds of straight pins in the skirt and by the time we were done shooting, poor Kassi had scratches all over her legs from the pins! On the wedding day there was just one pin that got me….luckily the temple had bandaids so I didn’t bleed all over her dress! (that pin wasn’t for the skirt-those were all gone by the wedding-this one just was holding undergarments together). :D I won’t forget this session for sure. Plus the pictures turned out amazing because she is kind of gorgeous!

kassi bridal preview

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{baby} Kole

One last album then bed! This adorable baby is one of my friends that I feel like I’ve known my whole life-but just since college! Anyways, her baby was an ANGEL. He NEVER cried….once. Never peed, pooped and slept the whole time mostly besides to peek at us a few times. THAT NEVER HAPPENS-at least for me!!

kole caldwell preview

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Amelia + Josh {engagements}

Well it was a little windy yesterday….wait…A LOT windy yesterday! Luckily Amelia’s long hair looks good in the wind. I was one hand shooting and holding my lights/soft box for dear life to get some sunset shots for them. The light stand was literally lifting up off the ground while I was trying to hold it down. They also brought their cute puppy…I mean HUGE dog, Zena, who can only be fooled by the fake ball throw once…then gets upset :D She didn’t trust me much after that! Thanks Amelia and Josh for hanging in there…literally!

amelia josh preview

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Natasha + Layton {engagments}

Natasha & Layton were such great sports as we braved the stinky, bug infested shores of Soltaire :D We carried out tons of heavy equipment, but it was worth it to get some sunset shots. Natasha laughs just like one of my cousins and even does the same scrunchy nose thing, so cute. Layton reminds me SO much of one of my other grooms, Gavin-they could be long lost brothers. They are such a cute couple and so easy to work with! Thanks guys!

natasha layton eng preview

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