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Jessica {tres chic}

Jessica is a photographer too and we are in a Facebook photography group together. For one of our meet-ups we decided to take pictures of each other so we could use them for our blogs, etc, because we are usually never behind a camera. It had snowed a ton the night before and even snowed on us during the shoot, but we still went out and shot in the beautiful snow. I love trees with snow on them and the lighting was so nice too. It was perfect except when I was shooting in the trees and hit a branch with my flash and got dumped on! My hair was pretty flat after that-and it already is! Oh well, it was still lots of fun. Thanks Jessica for coming and playing with me!

jessica pilcher preview

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Cathy {très chic}

Cathy needed some new head shots for her new website coming out. She is the creator of the My Butter’s Keeper. You can find them on her website, Silver Leaf Pottery. She was so worried about not looking good in the pictures, but as you can see, she is crazy! She looks the same as when I met her 15 years ago!!!

cathy mcgregor preview

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Discount Day-March 19th

3 slots left! Click view full post for details.

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Featured Vendor {Culinary Crafts}

Today I am featuring the amazing Culinary Crafts. Click on view full post to read more.

culinary crafts preview

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And the {votre choix} winner is…..

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