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Maddi + Jesse {engagements}

Maddi and Jesse are doing a country style wedding, so I took them to some of my favorite country looking locations :D Maddi wanted a tractor and my dad has one so we even did some in my parents back yard. He was so funny-he washed it the night before because he didn’t want her to get her clothes dirty. Thanks dad! They are super natural together and so easy to photograph. Travis Richins came along to do a promo video for me and I am excited to see it (and scared too since I am such a dork on in front of a camera!). We were laughing the whole time and my favorite part was when I asked Maddi to hold onto Jesse’s lapels and well, she thought they were his belt loops and gave me a really awkward look, like why would I do that as she lifted up his shirt and I said, “What are you doing?!?” and we all couldn’t stop laughing after that. Thanks Maddi for that fun memory!!!! Maddi’s amazing make up was done by Kristen Packard

maddi jesse eng preview

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Amanda + Ben {engagements}

I am just having so much fun with engagements this month! I love getting to know my couples better and just hang out with some adults sometimes ;D So Amanda and Ben are doing a Breakfast at Tiffany’s style of wedding (we did discuss the movie though and she agrees it is totally weird, but the fashion is great and I agree with her on that!!!} I can’t wait to see all the details they have came up with! Ben gave her a Tiffany’s necklace for her wedding present-we took a pict of it-and he had cufflinks to match. So cute! Usually I get these done in a day, but this session took me two because I stayed up all night one night finishing the Hunger Games! Is anyone else excited for this movie?!?!? :D

amanda ben eng preview

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Kristin + David {engagements}

Do you remember that REALLY windy day last Saturday? Well this was that day! It was SOOOO windy! I ended up putting Kristin’s hair in a side ponytail to try to help her hair not blowing straight up in the air. About 2/3 the way through I had my sister meet us to do a cute braid in her hair to try to keep her hair down. I think she looked really cute! Hannah Goodrich did her hair (the first time!) and make up and Kristin’s eyes just popped! What a memory of a day for sure! Luckily Kristin and David are SO laid back and just really easy to work with-I love happy people :D We also did a few more picts a week later so she could have some WITHOUT the horrible wind.

kristin david eng preview2

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Lindell {family}

I’ve known this mom in the family for almost all of my life. They moved to New Mexico and came to visit family, so we scheduled some pictures. I suggested we do some of them with the mountains in the background so when they looked at them they would be reminded of home :D Their kids did so great, despite the cold and mosquitoes eating us alive!

lindell preview

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Cassidee + Connor {engagements}

Cassidee & Connor grew up together, but never really hung out. On their first date they watched a movie on an inflatable screen and they think they watched Wolverine ;D They love going to concerts and are learning to play the guitar together. Connor made some “band” posters for the both of them and we put them all around them as they played the guitar. Although Connor was having some competition from another guy playing the guitar on the street! Their colors are yellow and gray and we went on a photo scavenger hunt and found a yellow door and a super cute yellow house and some gray walls too. I love just driving around and finding new locations! We ended the session on a VERY busy road getting picts of the mountains at sunset and felt like we were going to die as the cars and MANY semi’s zoomed past us. Thanks for being such troopers Cass and Conn! You guys are awesome!!

cassideeconnor engpreview

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